message from our director
Michael Joseph Bole

We started Husambae Community Based Organization on22/2/2008 after post-election violence in Kenya for one reason—to empower the needy/poor people of Kenya to survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has swept across sub-Saharan Africa. It has left behind 10 million orphaned children by the research done in 2010.

With the help of our community volunteers, sponsors, well-wishers, we have focused on orphan prevention versus orphan care by concentrating on caring for HIV positive mothers. We have seen hundreds of women with AIDS pass through the coming from a near death to life experience and become strong, confident women. They graduate from our 18-month Women Empowerment program with a job and the knowledge and skills to care for their own children.

Our organization (Husambae Community Based Organization) provides hope and empowerment to over 5600 people in Kisumu county through our various projects including WEEP (Women Equality Empowerment Project), Kids for School, and Freedom for Girls. Over the past few years, Husambae has received national recognition by participating in World Aids Day in Kisumu and visited prominent European Ambassador of U.S.A in Kenya in the year 2011.

Husambae is an organization that has experienced an amazing journey of faith as we accomplish the work God has called us to do.  Husambae Community Based Organization serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. We would love for you to become a Husambae partner and help us transform more lives in Kenya and beyond. 

Together…we can change the world!

Michael J.  Bole

Michael Bole
Our Board Members
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Michael J. Bole


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Sebastian J. Hajombe

Board Member

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Carolyn A. Otieno

Board Member

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Peter O. Omollo

Board Member

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Millicent A. Omollo

Board Member

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Micah H. Magajia

Board Member


The Organization is well established with 340 members. The governance of SIMA’s comprises the general membership, the Board, the secretariat, zone coordinators and field Officers. The Board is the Overseer of all the operations of the organization. 


It comprises of the: –


    Vice Chairperson


    Publicity secretary


    Three Committee members.


The Secretariat is full-time workers of the Organization and they are in charge of the day to day running of the organization which comprises of: –

a. The Project Co-coordinator.

b. Programmes Manager

c. Office Administrator

d. Four (4) Programme Officers

e. Six (8) Zone Co-coordinators.