Husambae Community Based Organization is dedicated to empowering the people of Kenya to survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We are a registered 501 (S/H NO; 13887) non-profit organization in Kenya and a registered TRUST in Kenya.

Husambae Community Based Organization stands for Health Education Kenya Resource Team. Founded by Mr. Michael Joseph Bole and other widows and members in February/2/2008.Husambae Community Based Organization is empowering the people of Kenya to survive the HIV/AIDS pandemic by providing medical care, education, and income generating activities to create a healthy, sustainable, disease-free life within Kisumu County and beyond.

We have offices in Kenya and working with other well-wishers and friends from European Countries to have other offices in Canada, Germany, U.S.A and many others. Our compound and lodge in Kisumu Kenya serve as our headquarters for Africa.

our mission 

Husambae Community Based Organization and our partners are empowering current and future generations of the people of Kenya through disease prevention, education and economic strengthening, to promote physical, spiritual and emotional health as a Christian faith-based organization.

Vision Statement

Empowering the People of Kenya to Survive and to Thrive Beyond the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.

Our Core Values

    • Commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Chief Executive Officer of Husambae Community Based Organization.
    • Compassion as we serve with respect and fairness to all regardless of their culture and religion.
  • Integrity in all we do by embracing Christian ethics.
  • Excellence in our work.
    • Unity within Husambae Community Based Organization and our Partners.

Our Objectives

  • To advocate for the Rights of Children as enshrined in the UN charter and African charter of the Rights of Children.
  • To co-operate with any like-minded Individuals, Organisations or Institutions working towards the improvement of living standards of Women, Children and the Youths.
  • To fight against the social-economic Injustices faced by Women, Children, and youths such as corruption, discrimination, human rights, education/community development, training, Child abuse and sexual of exploitation.
  • To empower Marginalised Women and Youths by providing them with skills and income generating scheme support.
  • To promote understanding of the nature and magnitude of HIV’AIDS in Kenya, its impact on Children, families, schools, churches, communities and the nation as a whole.

Education to every Child

The Kids for School (KFS) Project is an arm of HEART’s Women Equality Empowerment Project (WEEP), aimed at keeping the children of the WEEP mothers in school.

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